Enhancing Downtown

The city council worked for months to get public input on what priorities they wanted to see downtown. The vast majority of Livermore citizens wanted to see the continued revitalization of downtown. During the outreach process the citizens of Livermore prioritized a list of 10 things, the top 3 being Parking, Community Character, and Open Space.

The result of that effort was the Mayor, City Council, and city staff creating a downtown plan that balanced all of the voices and priorities of the citizens of Livermore. This plan was ultimately approved by a majority vote by the Mayor and City Council.

The plan that was created is supported by many citizens of Livermore along with some of its most prominent organizations.

  • Livermore Stockmen’s Association

  • Livermore Shakespeare Festival

  • Innovation Tri-Valley

  • Livermore Downtown Inc.

  • Livermore Chamber of Commerce

  • Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association

  • Interfaith Housing

  • QUEST Science Center

The Different Components

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