A Few of the People & Groups That Support Voting Yes on Measure P


Winery Owners

  • Carolyn Wente, CEO of Wente Vineyards 

  • Karl Wente, COO & Chief Winemaker of Wente Vineyards

  • Phil Wente, Co-Founder of Murrieta’s Well

  • Steven Mirassou, Owner of Steven Kent Winery, Ragbag WineWorks, & Lineage Wine

  • Steven Mirassou & Nancy Castro, Owners of Mia Nipote Wines

  • Larry & Margie Dino, Owners of Cuda Ridge Wines

  • John Marion, Owner of Big White House Winery & John Evan's Cellars

  • Rhonda & Michael Wood, Owners of Wood Family Vineyards

  • Jeff & Diane Cranor, Owners of Nottingham Cellars

  • Collin Cranor, Head Winemaker of Nottingham Cellars

  • Lanny Replogle, Owner of Fenestra Winery

  • Dan Rosenberg, Owner of Dante Robere Vineyards

  • Rick & Kelly Volpatti, Owners of Leisure Street Winery

  • Alex Henkelman, Owner of Omega Road Winery

  • John & Julie Fraser Howard, Owners of Fraser-Howard Vineyards

  • Denise & Kevin McKahn, Owners of McKahn Family Cellars

  • Page Mill Winery

  • Ehrenberg Cellars

"The Wente Family strongly supports Yes on Measure P. Moving forward with improving our Downtown will greatly benefit our community."

Public Figures

  • Mayor John Marchand

  • Bob Woerner, Council Member

  • Trish Munro, Council Member

  • Bob Carling, Council Member

  • Bob Coomber, Council Member

  • Danny & Sherry Nigg,  Downtown Livermore Real Estate Developers

  • Steven Spedowfski, Former Council Member

  • Tom Vargas, Former Council Member

  • Lorraine Dietrich, Former Council Member

  • Steve Goodman, Former LARPD Board Member

  • George Miller, Director of Lawrence Livermore National Lab (retired)

  • Alan Burnham, Retired LLNL Employee 

  • Asa Strout, CEO of Unify Livermore

  • Evan Branning, CFO of Unify Livermore

  • Jacob Anderson, COO of Unify Livermore & Planning Commissioner 

  • Gina Bonanno, Planning Commissioner

  • Bryan Fagundes, Planning Commissioner

  • Erik Bjorklund, Planning Commissioner

Business Owners

  • Brook Witherspoon, Owner of First Street Ale House

  • Stephen & Jessica Sartori, Owners of Altamont Beer Works

  • Rusty Skinner, Owner of Hop DeVine and Rusty's Bar & Grill  

  • Brenden Scanlan, Owner of Sauced BBQ & Spirits

  • Jerome Fahnhorst, Owner of Livermore Barbershop

  • Mercy Schneider, Owner of Espresso Rosetta

  • Alden & Ivy Faught, Owners of Simply Fondue 

  • Craig Vandercamp, Owner of Van's Health Foods

  • Deanna Hasni, Owner of Joya Yoga & Steam House Coffee

  • Trent Thompson, Principal Owner of Only Up

  • Sherri Simoni, Owner of Signature Print & Promo

  • Rebekah and Marshall Culp, Owners of The Press 

  • Gianni Schell, Owner of Rebel Kitchen & Libations

  • Allie Felker, Owner of Lavender Glen

  • Bryan Fagundes, Owner/Operations Manager of Bryan Thomas Productions / Gocast / Hot Country Live

  • Brad Oliver, Owner/Partner of FounderTraction, LLC

  • Kathleen Ahern, Owner of Kathleen Ahern Photography

  • Jose Madriz, Owner of El Charro Mexican Food & Cantina

  • Dr. Steven Faith, Presiden/CEO  Livermore Optometry Group

  • Jody Amos, Owner of Amos Productions

  • Rocco Maitino, Owner of Swirl on the Square & Blacksmith Corner Provisions 

  • Dean Mancini, Owner of Murphy's Paw

  • Stewart McLean & Michelle Rodriguez, Owners of The Last Word

  • Rich & Lynda Kramer, Owners of Lynen Interiors

  • Carolyn Wente 

  • Buck Layton

  • Phil Wente

  • Julie Wente

  • Jordan Wente

  • Julian Sanchez

  • Aly Wente O’Neal

  • Nate O’Neal

  • Niki Wente

  • Nick Della Rocchetta

  • Eric Wente

  • Arel Wente

  • Christine Wente

  • Karl Wente

  • Holly Wente

What people are saying

The movement to vote YES and support the Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead Project starts with the people and businesses of Livermore itself. Don ‘t take our word for it, take theirs:

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