This graphic fact checks No on P's misleading statements!

Fact Check

The Facts About No on P’s Alternative Concept

While Measure P is about the development agreement to build a hotel next to the Bankhead, we thought it would be important to address what No on P is calling their Central Park “Plan.”


The No on P group, has submitted a ballot initiative for November of 2020.  What the ballot initiative does is change zoning of different areas of the downtown site.  These zoning changes leave options for multiple uses for different zones. Due to this, a drawing cannot truly capture what the downtown site would look like if this initiative were to pass.  


The drawing circulated by the No on P group is not an accurate representation of these zoning changes.   It is highly out-of-scale and does not show the many different options that could be built under the initiative.  


So, when the No on P people ask you to compare and decide two drawings, remember, their drawing is not a representation of what would be put in place.  


To understand this fully, you can watch the Livermore City Staff presentation on this below.

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