Not many know that the downtown lot, formerly a Lucky’s grocery store, between Livermore Avenue and L street was bought by the City of Livermore using affordable housing funds.   This means that the city was required to build millions of dollars of affordable housing. Thankfully, due to the Stockmen’s Deal, up to 140 units of veteran and senior affordable housing will be placed at the end of Pacific Avenue rather than the downtown site.   


This does not, however, completely fulfill the city’s obligation to build affordable housing.   With the remaining land, after ensuring other elements of the plan, the city council approved 130 units of workforce housing.   


Workforce housing is affordable housing for moderate income earners and will be given priority to teachers, police dispatchers, EMT’s, and downtown service workers.  


Livermore has been given the opportunity to not only meet this affordable housing obligation, but to help the people of Livermore that serve us.   Our community does better when our teachers, service workers, and emergency health professionals have the opportunity to live in the community they serve. 

“I have seen many of my fellow educators struggle to make ends meet thereby leaving the area or moving to new professions due to the lack of affordable housing options here in Livermore. The City-approved plan now gives them the opportunity to live in the heart of Livermore, where most of them want to be.”

-Jacob Anderson, Livermore Teacher

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