We believe that it is important that we back up all our facts with independent sources.   Here is the where you can find all the independent sources we used:

General information about the City’s Approved Downtown Plan:

Downtown Project History

March 3rd Ballot Measure P documents:

Ballot question: Measure P “Shall Ordinance No. 2089, approving a development agreement for the Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead Project (Development Agreement 19-001), be adopted?"

9212 Report:

The Livermore City Council directed preparation of an information report pursuant to Elections Code Section 9212 to evaluate the effects of the Central Park Initiative. The report (known as the 9212 report) provides an overview of both the Initiative and the City of Livermore’s approved Downtown Plan. 

Presidio (Hotelier) Website:

Central Park Initiative:

The Initiative, titled the “Central Park Plan”, is a 118-page document that presents an alternative development plan to replace the City’s Approved Plan, and amends Livermore’s General Plan, Downtown Specific Plan, and Development Code. 


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