Livermore has a rich western heritage based on ranching and farming.    It runs in the DNA of this town, from its beautiful vineyards to its annual rodeo.   Stockmen’s park will continue to connect the residents of Livermore to that western heritage.  

Back in 1962, Stockmen’s park was promised to the Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association to honor Veterans of the Livermore Valley in exchange for land where the current Livermore Civic Center stands today.  Unfortunately, the park was never built.  

Because the city purchased the land between Livermore Avenue and L Street with affordable housing funds, Livermore was obligated to provide affordable housing downtown.  In 2018, as decisions were being made regarding the downtown site, groups began collaborating.

Thanks to these collaborative efforts by Lanning Thompson of Interfaith Housing, Council Member  Bob Woerner, Stockman Dave Finster, and Stockman and Vietnam Veteran Don Staysa, a plan was set in motion that would eventually become the Stockmen’s Park deal.   The Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association would allow the city to build affordable housing on the 3.5 acre site that was promised as a park back in 1962. In exchange, the Stockmen’s Association agreed to have the park placed downtown to honor Livermore’s western heritage and a monument dedicated to veterans of the Livermore Valley, with surrounding cultural elements and additional retail. 


This deal provided additional open space downtown, while adding up to 140 units of affordable veteran and senior housing on Pacific Avenue. 

The city was then able to create another piece of open space that will become Veteran’s Park.  

These parks will offer:

  • 3.5 acres of continuous public open space that will stretch from L Street across Livermore Avenue to Shea Plaza in front of The Bankhead Theater 


  • A playground and interactive public art


  • A monument dedicated to Livermore veterans


  • A black box theater known as “The SPARC theater” 


  • A new science and society center called “The QUEST Science Center”


All while engaging the expansion of Blacksmith Square. 

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Paid for by Coalition to Unify Livermore for the Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead 2020 project CM#1422283