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About the Hotel

Based on hotel experts and extensive community outreach, the Wine Country Hotel, which has yet to be named, will be located prominently on the corner of Livermore Avenue and Railroad next to the Bankhead Theater. This new three story 130 room boutique hotel will feature a spacious lobby, approximately 2,000 square feet of meeting space, and an iconic rooftop lounge with amazing views of the Livermore Valley. The continued success of our family-owned restaurants, theater companies and wineries depend on having suitable accommodations for overnight guests. The Bankhead Hotel will also qualify Livermore as a Wine Country destination with national appeal.

Over 20 years ago, the city of Livermore decided to add a hotel to Downtown Livermore. The city zoned the area next to the Bankhead Theater specifically for a hotel. This location is preferred due to its visibility and proximity to downtown theaters and First Street's Restaurants. In recent years Livermore has partnered with a developer and started the process of building a hotel next to the Bankhead. A yes vote in March will allow this progress to continue and prevent further delays. 


About the Builder

As second generation hoteliers, Presidio Co. has literally grown up in the hospitality industry and they are passionate about what they do. Passion drives their ambition to tackle projects.


For them, fun is also always part of the equation. They love great wine and good food. Fun feeds their creativity. They are not afraid to go above and beyond in order to exceed all expectations. And, of course, success is always what they strive for. They accept nothing less than extraordinary.

The Las Alcobas Hotel in Napa Valley demonstrates their quality work:

Samples of Presidio's Hotel Portfolio

About the Hotel Operator

AC Marriott Hotels will operate the Downtown Livermore hotel.  They have focused on providing the most curated, thoughtful stay possible. The hallmark of the AC experience is exceptional from their modern, clutter-free guest rooms to the attention of their guests needs.

Wine Country Hotel at The Bankhead

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Livermore need a destination hotel downtown?

• The Bankhead Hotel is the anchor for Stockmen’s Park, enabling the success of the entire downtown project.
• The Livermore Valley needs a hotel to qualify as a Wine Country destination with national appeal.

What are the details of the hotel?

• Located across from Stockmen’s Park and Blacksmith Square and next to the Bankhead Theater.
• Three stories, 130 rooms, a spacious lobby lounge, iconic rooftop lounge for both locals and visitors, and 2000 square feet of meeting space.

Why place the hotel next to the Bankhead Theater?

How many dollars will the hotel contribute to the city's general fund?

• That location has been part of the Downtown plan for almost two decades
• Hotel experts, business owners, and the Bankhead’s Executive Director all have recommended locating the hotel next to the Bankhead Theater

• About $23 Million over 30 years, with no need for taxpayer subsidies

What is Presidio's track record in building hotels?

• Presidio has been developing hotels for 20 years
• The Las Alcobas Hotel in Napa Valley demonstrates their quality work:

What are the consequences if voters do not affirm the Development Agreement for the Bankhead Hotel?

• The likely loss of Presidio as the hotel developer
• Damage to Livermore’s reputation as a reliable partner
• Even if another developer appears, there would be a delay of at least four years

What's wrong building the hotel next to Blacksmith Square

• No developer has ever expressed interest in building a massive conference center hotel
• A hypothetical conference center would compete with our local businesses, generate traffic, and require taxpayer subsidies

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